inner voice

If not you

Would flowers bloom
Water flow
In my life
Without you
Your sweet face
Allure and grace
What will I do
If not you
When you walk
Heart stops
Your gaze
Makes me dazed
My heart awaits
You reciprocate
You look
I glow
I flow
Like a river mighty
Conflate in my sea
Exquisite emotions
For thee
Are you mine
I ask
Has fate been so kind
To me
Say your eyes
You are mine
Meaning of sweet divine
My beloved
Darling beau
Nothing’s there
If not you
Reality is figment
Truth untrue
My life
Without you
Ramneet Kamra


Prettiest Mom

Whenever I am sad,
I miss the times you give me a hug;
Whenever I am happy,
I remember the times you shared my happiness;
Whenever I am angry,
I remember the times you comforted me;
Whenever I am stressed,
I remember the times you made me comfortable;
Whenever I cry,
I remember the times you wiped my tears;
Whenever I am scared,
I remember the times you were there to fight my fears.
All this is true, I promise you. I LOVE YOU THE MOST.
Please be always by my side, and never leave my hand.

Sanvi Rajput.
Gandhinagar, Jammu



Life is journey between two stations
Birth is the starting station
And death the final destination
Each one of us has booked an automatic ticket in the life bus leaving for its final destination
Each one of us is their in load manifesto list
Enroute would get dropped when where and why unknown
Whenever one leaves enough we are saddened
Birth is like a rising sun
All-round lot of frolic and fun
Death is like a setting sun
All – round shrieks and groans doubts to none
Do good and meet all before life is done
Live life and live it well
At the end have no regrets
Nothing stops in life
Gone is gone and everything else begets and moves on
Live life and live it well
Before the devastation final call
Just a humble request
And friendly advice
To all dear friends
At the end have no regrets
Dedicated in the memory of all those
Who lived yester years and are no more
And had left us all for heavenly abode
Waheguru will take care of their souls.
Col Paramjit Singh