inner voice

Jammu Region- A Maple Of Dreams

Jammu region diverse in lakes, gardens and hills
Siwaliks, Trikuta and pir panjal makes it a blessed will.
Jammu is the land of temples,
You can find devotees here in ample.
Udhampur the clan of Raja Udham Singh,
RS Pura after mettle sacrifice of Brig, Rajinder Singh.
Rajouri the land of kings, Jamia masjid and Darhali here are of ancient time,
Witness this cultural heritage once in a lifetime.
You might know Katra of Reasi, the landscape of Maa Vaishno Devi
Banks of Chenab, forests of Kishtwar refresh everyone’s existence wavy.
The intricate and manifold culture of Poonch amuse you,
Topography of Doda, Kathua and Ramban definitely allure you.
Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban together make it Chandrabhaga,
Diverse culture here baffle you with soulful Pahari sagas.
Let me introduce you, the city of sheets,
Yes Samba is it, Parmandal bridge and Mansar lake kisses feets.
I still wander you aren’t aware of Bhaderwah
Land of Vasuki Naag is this, a wondrous delight and the bowers.
How can I forget the land of twelve streams; Banihal,
It’s the entrance to kashmir, bestowed with valleys and snow caped pir panjal.
So, what are you waiting for. Come here and keep a prolong memory,
And don’t forget Ramnagar trekking, have a safe journey with flurry.
Jugesh Singh Thakur
University of Jammu



I’m a bloody dumb soul
Yes, they call me useles
with no story n’ no damn role.
You also wanna see me crying?
There’ll be a scary dark corner ,
where you’ll find me lying.
I’ll be repressing one more feeling,
And yeah, I’ll tell you one more lie,
The biggest lie, that yes, it’s heeling!
I already know, I’m a freak
Who says I’m a dumbo doll?
See, how much my scars speak!
Seriously, I’m I a failure?
I’m alone in this disgusting boat,
which is sailing without sailor?
I just hate perfections like hell!
I don’t wanna be a puppet anymore
I wanna scream, I wanna yell !
Let’s be imperfect in every damn thing!
Perfections are just whatever ,
Let’s be a messy entangled string !!
Dakshita Sharma
(Kendriya Vidyalaya Lakhanpur)



The more I know about the words,
the more they make me wise.
The more I understand their power,
the more do I rise.
The realm of knowledge is like luminous welkin,
Words are like twinkling stars wherein,
They dazzle and shine,
As if,
Silver like sunshine
Allures all by its aura.
Words could build the empires
And sometimes, might be
the reasons for wars.
Words fly although they don’t have wings,
They are chosen to compose songs, anyone sings.
None is oblivious about the anguishes and pains,
Words of prudence give the strength to endure warm rains.
Soft words quell the despair,
the beacon of hope are such words,
obviously rare.
Sweet words heal the wounds magically,
Sounds incredible but naturally.
Words must be chosen carefully
And things must be dealt wisely.
Use kind words to get the things done,
Be a nice fellow, be the only one.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony