inner voice

We are teachers

Yes, we are the teachers
God’s best creation among all creatures,
We are oftenly known as the builder’s of nation
The strength behind every success and innovation,
We burn ourselves to light others
With learner’s, We are like their fathers and mothers,
We’re the heart and soul of every classroom
During pandemic we are available online on whatsapp and zoom,
For queries or any doubt clarifications
We are 24*7 available for such situations,
We Stand proudly in front of every class
With knowledge and wisdom en masse,
From election duty to any other survey
Alongside teaching, We do multitasking everyday,
So this is for all the dedicated and humble teachers here
Thank you all for your compassionate support and care.
Tarandeep Singh (Teacher)
SINGHPURA, Miran Sahib.



When a head does not bow before another
For food, clothes or shelter
When any body on the pavement does not lie
To bear the kicks and blows of passers by
When anyone does not feel ashamed
Enveying others by whom he is tamed
when no one is compelled to beg
And walk on busy roads with a broken leg
When young boys are not seen doing tedious work
Enveying there mates who at them bark
When every one gets what he needs
And every one is busy in good deeds
When Ram and Rahim dine together
With Peter and Kartar hugging each other
When messages of promise wave in air
When everything is plain and fair
Then only shall I believe my country
To be real india prosperous and free
Hira Lal Bhat
Durga Nagar


Lockdown diaries


One day all of a sudden
A virus entered our lives
Changing every day routine
Making chaos and tension
As part of the regime
No vehicle on the roads
No plane in the sky
All over the sky
Birds are flying high
No cosmetics and fancy dresses are in shopping list
Groceries and fruits have taken their place
Fast moving life has started moving at snail pace
No worldly pleasures and possesions are there to chase
Air and water bodies have turned so pure
No worldly assets are appealing anyone to lure
This microorganism has come as a blessing in disguise
Teaching a clear message which is forgotten otherwise
Air and water which are basic necessities are absolutely free
Humans should conserve them so that a beautiful life get a guarantee
Anu Gupta