Tribute to a philanthropist

Excelsior Correspondent
There are some who bring a light so great in the world that even after they are gone “the light remains’’
Yashpal Puri was an epitome of morals , discipline and values which will pass through the generations to come .
His magnificent journey started at the mere age of 10 with him joining the RSS ( Rashtriya Sawayam Sevak Sangh). He was schooled form Ranbir High School, Jammu and did his polytechnic from Baijnath , Himachal Pradesh . He was the first person to start shakha in Baijnath polytechnic. In 2nd year of his college he joined the Prajaparishid movement with the slogan “one nation , one constitution, one flag in 1952’’ and spent 28 days in jail following a hunger strike.
The prajaparishid movement was the beginning towards the abolishment of the Article 370 in Aug 2019.
He also served as the Core Committee member of RSS and remained Mahanagar Sanghchalak for over 20 years . He was the founder member of the Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission Charitable Hospital, Amphala Jammu , an organisation which started with a single room dispensary and currently running as a full fledged 40 bedded hospital with 15 special rooms V.M Hospital is regularly conducting OPD aid to 400 to 500 patients besides surgeries of the needy patients .
He very well managed to dedicate his life in the service of his nation , society and family.
He also served as an Advisor and a Member to the Dewan Badri Nath Vidya Mandir Educational Trust Mubarak Mandi branch for over 30 years . He lived a joyful and happy life and spread happiness wherever he went . He was a kind hearted soul who gave his entire life in service of his nation and family . Yash Pal Puri was an ice breaker himself as in order to save national resources, he would himself switch off all the street lights in his vicinity before the sunrise and would teach his near and dears that “even one person could make a difference .”
A man so humble and grounded who would always cite examples of the hunched trees which would provide food and shelter to everybody under it , and lived the life of the same hunched tree always giving, love and respect to people.