Inner Voice



Thou Friend to those who take your care
And Destroyer of those who never dare
Thou sparest none however rich they may be
From thy scythe no mortal can be free.
None knows when thou to this world came
Thou sufferst no change,thou are the same
As you were billions of years ago
Wonder how you could remain so.
Thou have humbled the mighty kings
And made the beggars wear gold rings
Thou saw the universe change a lot
From the cold Ice Age,it turned hot.
How various Wars were fought
How Lord Rama back the throne got
How the Gita and the Ramayana were written
And How Ravana and Kansa were beaten.
How Socrates,Plato and Aristotle were born
And how Romeo & Juliet died lovelorn
Thou makes a child grow and crawl
And a person in life rise and fall.
In thy bosom lie Mussolini and Hitler
And so does Nero,the Roman fiddler
Budha was your favourite child
For he advised all to be kind and mild.
So was Gandhi, the Apostle of peace
And Aristotle who lived in Greece
And Shakespeare who wrote such great rhymes
Which remain sublime even with change in times.
O, Emperor of Emperors,bless me in such a way
That I remain your favourite child till my last day
And the world remembers me for my deeds sublime
And acknowledges me as the greatest child of Time.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur

Way out

Still water reflecting demeanor, Unaware of the veils one wear To protect its identity;
an empty hollow sphere
Diving deep into the ocean of self Not knowing which path i know well
Roads are empty and i find no one there That’s the road, i long to travail
Screams nurture loud silence Voiceless voice makes noise; the noise unacknowledged Yet it is the most sublime
Heart becomes deserted village Soul; an empty vessel
Witnessing everything around yet remains indifferent
But when unusual course is ensued Where beloved’s desire;
becomes core of essence
It’s presence; an antidote
Longing; so magnificient
Abode transcend;
World; a place to ascend Wounds; a passage for light Scars turns into fragrance
Pain becomes grace
And sufferings; a musical phase Eloquence; the mother tongue Singing its verse; a noble song
In lieu of seeing one side of a coin Let’s look deeply
into dark shades of wine
And during this course of inaction Tragedy turns out to be
Afshan Mirza


Mysterious Planet


Sometimes the world feels small n suffocating
Sometimes the world feels big n breathtaking
Earth revolves n rotates around the sun
Hasn’t been fully discovered by anyone
Mysterious planet !
Five seasons envelope around it
First comes a cold breeze followed by a deep freeze in winter
Then its like sitting in a frying pan in summer
Golden brown leaves fall from trees in autumn
In spring flowers bloom
N its all dripping wet in sad monsoon !!!
Geet Kaur Kundra