inner voice

We Indians


One country, 28 states and
9 union territories,
We Indians are the branches
of same tree,
We drink the same water
same food we ate,
We are children of one God
who decides our fate,
1.3 billion population yet
different are our face,
Don’t forget that we all belong
to the same human race,
Humanity should be our
utmost priority,
I wish love and peace
prevails in our society,
Those who always fight on
the name of religion,
I urge them to please
change their life’s vision,
People who never read Holy ‘Gita’
and ‘Quran’,
Always Remained indulged
in ‘Hindu’-’Musalman’,
Billions spent on mosques
and temples,
Locked are both see the
recent example,
They say wrong is yours
and ours are right,
Sometimes I wonder did “Allah”
and “Ram” also fight?
Tarandeep Singh
Singhpura, Miran Sahib




I want to go country side
To play with flowers and glide
As in the city is hue and cry
Man can never understand why
When I am in big cities
My heart becomes full of pities
I see blind and cripple men
Saying oh! God we will win when
I see men crying for food
Which is not seen in a wood
I see men crying for shelter
laying their hopes upon altar
sometimes there is no water to drink
Dependable poor animals shrink
This is not found in a village
Today I will bind my luggage
Tomorrow I will fly from city
To become healthy and happy
Hira Lal Bhat
Durga Nagar


corona virus


On one winter day
On the headlines it lay
Corona virus outbreak it read
Hardly did I know it was going to spread
First the capital then the city then my town
All this happened while I was trying my new gown
Now I am stuck at my home learning how to bake
Hoping all this in reality is fake
I sleep during the day I wake up during the night
Sometimes I feel I have forgotten the sunlight
I watch movies I play games I do everything rather than studies
I guess I am bored and want to spend some time with my buddies.
I want everything to go back to normal
Because I want to go to school in those formals
Everything is going in such a haste
That my last year at school is going to a waste
Why the world is making my life a living hell
Because all I wanted was my little fare well.