inner voice



Every year on second Sunday of May
This day is the Mothers’ Day
Ideally, every day
Is the Mothers’ Day
My Mother is so special to me, she’s more than a friend
Whenever I need her, she stands with me till the end
She directs and supports me in whatever I try
She does whatever she can to
get me through agony, anguish and cry
In all times she stands by me
She confides and believes in me
She helps me through the struggles of life
And it’s her love and care that I have no strife
My mom is the greatest person I see
There’s nothing in the world
she wouldn’t do for me
She helps me succeed even when I lose cheer
For me she’s the only lending ear
To you mom, I want to say
thank you for all that you do
And most importantly…..I’ll always love you.
Samakshi Abrol
CA Aspirant


Being a woman


I’m bold and brave
When it comes to
Expressing my rage
But what if I fail?
When a man’s eyes
Sneaks my insides
Labels me as an object
And makes my body blind
What if I’m just a prey
to those vultures
Who see me
As a sculpture
When I pass by
Soon they’ll carve me
Leave their marks
Marks that I never wanted
To define me
Replace my beating heart
With screaming scars
Mould me to their needs
What if they make my body
Their puppet
Who’s strings are attached
To their filthy hands
And my tears escapes
To fill the bucket
of my thirsty soul
That they owned
dissolving like ashes
In the land
Being a women
Comes with a high price
Akshita Mengi


Beautiful gift


Mom, you are such a beautiful person
I love you since the day I was born
When your caring hands touch me, I feel glad that you are with me
You are like heaven to me
you have such magic and charm, that’s why God has made a mom.
From day to night, you work and get tired,
But you have always a happy smile on your face.
I thank to God for giving me
such a beautiful gift,
Like a shining gem in the dark mist.
You always want me to follow the golden path,
And that’s how you are in my small heart.
Whenever I am in trouble, you always make me comfortable
I know I get upset with you sometime.
But you are the one
Who always makes me smile.
I wish everyone could have a mother like you
but I’m the luckiest among the lucky to have a mom like you.
Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!
Devanshi Pandita