Survival and Revival of Business Houses

Gaurav Gupta
This eruption of Covid crisis has come up with the new strategies and road maps to survive and revive Industries and business establishments in India.
It’s a long battle now as far COVID-19 is concerned and the business houses are struggling for the survival. Not even a single industry or business establishment would be left behind without the effect of Corona Virus, but again the question arises how long this will go on?
As a citizen of India, it’s our responsibility to follow the guidelines and instructions given by Govt. of India from time to time and we all are adhering the same.
As a businessman, we all are very well aware of the facts that it has become a challenge for the Govt. of India to survive the business houses as the impact of this catastrophe is very high and still unknown and we all are living in a very sad state of affairs where the enemy is invisible.
During this ongoing lockdown period, when all the business establishments are closed except those dealing in essential commodities, it has become difficult for the employer to survive, As an employer we all are standing united with the instructions given by our Prime Minister to give full salaries to the employees and keep intact in the jobs , but everybody knows since it’s a long story know, to fight with COVID 19, so again, it has become a challenge for the Govt. of India to maintain a balance between the employer and employee, as employees very well know that in the shutdown position how long an Employer will pay them a salary.
So, what I feel in this current crises as such as prolonged lockdown is concerned the Govt. of India has to come up simultaneously with immediate announcements, provisions like to open up the markets except for the containment areas on alternate days with specific guidelines and timings to follow in large and packages to survive the business houses simply from dying.
At last, I would like to highlight one more thing so far as health care Industry is concerned, we are the most neglected sectors since independence as no political party or Govt has focused on this sector, here I am not blaming anyone but it’s very unfortunate to say that country like India standing in the second position as the population is concerned and we are not able to treat one percent of the total population and this COVID 19 has become an eye-opener for the Govt. of India to think to expand in this sector in large.
We have great hopes and expectations from the Govt. of India, as Govt is already doing a commendable job in this time of crises when the humanity is under the threat of Corona but again it’s a request to the authorities to come up immediately with the survival and revival plan of business establishments, otherwise, it will become suicidal for all industrialist and business houses to overcome with these pandemic crises.
(The author is a Prominent Member of JCCI and Social Activist)


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