Survival Mantra of#covid19-Complete Changeover in Lifestyles

Amit Sharma
Everyone is worried today and asking few questions with anxiousness and inquisitiveness: When will the lockdown open ? What will be announced by PM in next address ? When we can move freely ? How will the regular life resume ? When will the markets and businesses open ? Will I get affected by this Novel Corona virus ? Will we remain safe in future ? … on and so forth !!!
My simple answer to all of these is that #covid19times havebecome the biggest tutor by teaching us so many lessons in one-single go and our success or survival in the present times as well as future depends only upon total overhauling of our lifestyles if we intend to remain healthy and active in the times to come. Already, this pandemic or catastrophe, which I have already labeled as World War-III, has made us understand one basic fact that how much important are the Immunity levels of an Individual which can ultimately become the deciding factors between life and death. Few other important lessons and answers found during these toughest times are how important is to exercise self-control or self-restraint in one’s life and how much it can help a person in becoming disciplined in life. Yes, last but not least lesson, the fight for survival in life is the most important fight in comparison to any other fight like the fight for money, resources and any other thing in life.
Now, I want to mention straight away few things which we need to follow and exercise in these toughest ongoing times especially when we are making best possible attempts to bid goodbye to#covid19 in the near future. Rather than waiting for the Government or Administration to always keep pulling us up with every single decision or directives from time to time which is the usual tendency, it is high time that we all start introspecting and emerge as a mature society to burden-off the system with our self-initiated steps of handling things for a safe and better future. We must understand that we cannot expect system to keep feeding us forever or at every micro step especially when we know that even the Governments also tend to have limited resources and there is always limitation clause applicable at all levels.
Look, we simply have to go for complete overhauling or systemic changes in our lifestyles, now onwards, which is inevitable otherwise as well. It includes, The way we work, The way we move, The way we shop, The way we study, The way we commute, The way we eat or drink, The way we play, The way we sleep or even, The way we Think about the things. We must be grateful to the system or administration led by few mature heads who are guiding us from to time with advisories and even law enforcement agencies who are getting such things implemented and executed successfully on ground to a great extent but if we expect that this is a perpetual feature and systems shall keep us feeding forever, then it is a grave mistake. Sooner or later, we have to become habitual in fighting# covid19 battle at personal levels. The earlier we adapt ourselves to this changeover and prepare ourselves psychology in this direction, the better it is.
We must not forget that when such deadly attacks on humanity take place taking the route of such unknown viruses, the only way left for human beings is to become immune to them to a great extent, in the sense, that our bodies have to become strong enough to bear some or little impact of such virus attacks, at least till a globally tested and medically approved vaccine is launched to treat it. And the fact of the the matter is that it cannot happen in immediate near future. So, what is the option left with us then ?
Yes, ‘Complete Change Over in Lifestyles’ is the only Answer and Solution to Win this WW-III of #covid19 attack over the world. To elaborate, what this complete changeover of lifestyles means, is explained in following lines. We should start maintaining social distances even with our close relations and friends as much as possible. We should definitely cover our faces with masks or clothes whenever we move in public especially in the places where public is there. We should take hot water and few Ayurvedic suggested foods and liquids as prescribed in advisories. We should keep exercising physically and mentally as much as possible. We should adopt alternate methods of socialising like video calling or webinars as much as possible. We must avoid physical contact with people as much as possible especially handshakes and hugs, as a matter of routine. We should religiously try to maintain social distancing whenever we shall start long distance travelling or shopping in markets and malls in the near future. We should keep using sanitizers and soaps on a more frequent basis than we have ever done in life before. We should never try to challenge the systems engrossed in our welfare day and night for keeping us safe and healthy. We should sincerely follow all health and other related advisories of the Government being issued in public interest from time to time which are primarily targeted at our safety and winning over this #covid19 battle as soon as possible.
One thing is sure, if we still think that we are super-heroes and can win this battle by defying the Government orders or moving against the systems or administration, then we are the biggest carriers or multipliers of this #covid19 virus as it can attack and is more prone to all such people who tend to remain ignorant inspite of knowing its dire consequences. I think, this is the highest time for self-introspection, realising the past anomalies and learning lessons from same and adapting ourselves in the best possible manner in these dangerous #covid19 conditions for self-survival as well as for the survival of our loved ones.
This is actually the time to shun too much dependence upon systems or administration and rather become self-agents of change by bringing about total overhauling in our lifestyles which can let us lead safe and healthy lives in the present or even post #covid19 times. This will indeed burden off the system to invest its resources in moving ahead towards revival of routines works in the nation which have come to a complete halt since long and thereby working towards utilising resources for providing best possible assistance to the most affected ones due to these complete nation-wide multiple lockdowns since past so many weeks. Moreover, we all should act most responsibly as catalysts after seeing the havoc of this deadly #covid19upon most of the nations especially the ones who had been braggingof being the most powerful and medically advanced ones, till recent times when they got devastated due to it.
I am sure, this article shall lead us towards adopting some basic protocols, necessarily meant for safe survival in presentas well as future times which shall automatically settle our anxieties about the lockdowns and the opening-up of routine businesses. In fact, the earliest we exhibit maturity and basic common senses in adapting ourselves and bringing about these lifestyle changes within ourselves, the more are the chances of life coming back to its normal and winning over this WW-III battle over #covid19 without depending much upon the nation heads and administration tokeep advising us repeatedlyfor same, every now and then !
(The writer is a Senior JKAS Officer and presently working as Administrator, Associated Hospitals, Jammu.)


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