inner voice

“ MAA”


Do you know why I believe in love at first sight,
Because I saw my ‘MOM’ when I first opened my eyes,
You are the one who gracefully gave me birth,
Due to you I am able to see this beautiful earth,
You taught me how to crawl, sit and talk,
You held my finger when I first tried to walk,
The first alphabet I learnt it was from you,
You were my first teacher and that’s true,
You packed my Tiffin and walked me to school,
With neat and clean uniform you made me look cool,
That ‘1 rupee’ coin you gave me daily as pocket money,
You remained in dark but made my life sunny,
Your sacrifices are countless what more I can tell,
You never left me hungry even when you were unwell,
Whenever I need something you never refuse,
If I take thousand births I couldn’t pay your dues,
Growing up I often forget that you are also getting old,
“Maa” You are precious than every diamond and gold!
Tarandeep Singh
Teacher (GPS Krishna Nagar)
Miran Sahib




I bow down to the Lotus Feet
Of Krishna, who is indeed very sweet
He is playful and very naughty
He shatters the proudy and haughty
He is the Ocean of Divine Mercy
He is in the scorching heat and in cool sea
His love is pure and beautiful
Full of ecstasy and bountiful
He tests the love of His lover
That becomes the lover’s power
He is the saviour of everyone
He is in everyone’s heart but His heart is in Vrindavan
He is the protector of Dharma
And the process of abolishing Adharma
Has already begun
In the form of Corona
Which originated from China
Taking away millions of lives
My heart with His love thrives
He won’t let His Lovers’ hurt
He worries about us as we are His part
So, don’t worry
And please for God’s sake Chant Hari
Samakshi Abrol
CA Aspirant


best friend

Time spent with each other doesn’t matter,
What matters is your understanding,
And willingness,
To work together.
Are you depressed or sad?
Think of your best friend then!
If you laugh at that moment of stress,
You know you’ve got happiness of whole
world contained in a single person …
When the world is against you,
And suddenly someone wipes your tears,
You know you’ve got a best friend,
Who is always there to help
you fight your fears.
Does someone stop you from falling apart?
By enlightning you with hope and advices?
That’s your best friend then
Who loves you even in the
times you hate yourself…
A true friendship is hard to find,
Just like a four leaf clover.
But when you’ve found it,
It would mean to you more than your lover.
Lucky are those who have got lovers.
But I think one with a best friend is luckier,
As love makes a person doubtful
But a true friendship makes one happier!
Ananya Mahajan