inner voice


Everyone in this world has
a longing for something
Whatever one attains,
still craves for anything
Someone has a longing for love in life
Others long for a healthy and wealthy life
Someone has a longing for true friendship
Other has a longing for better kinship
This longing never gets a halt
When we keep feeding it a lot
Longing never ends like a thirst
However fed,it always gets burst
This longing need to be
diverted to a purposeful end
Right towards the direction
where it comes to an end
One should have a
longing for eternal love
One should have a
longing for eternal bliss
It’s only through His longing
Longing for worldly
pleasures, are going to diminish
Anu Gupta

Corona: A Dirge

Covid-19, thy name Corona,
born of the Dragon’s alchemical furnace,
thou shalt not ravage mankind, anymore.
Thy Dirge, here I sing to consecrate thee to the bowels of thy creator, the Dragon ! God’s Apocalyptic Wrath will hammer thee to smithereens.
Go, go to Beelzebub’s meadows,
to the shores of the burning Lake of Hell.
There, thou shalt encounter thy protégé, Satan himself. Homo Sapiens, gives thee a decent burial, a sepulchral farewell.
No longer shall thee torment humans, with deaths, and tests positive.
Go, to your mother, the Gorgon Medusa,
to get cradled !
No longer, shall thee be called, as the Pandemic,
gobbling, men and women at thy fancy,
a Messiah, a redeemer has, like Noah,
resurrected his countrymen, with the Arc of total Lockdown,
with Social Distancing, as the catalyst to eventual Redumption !
Prof K B Razdan


‘Trust’, my Friend is not mere just a word.
To maintain its sanctity you have
to fight with a sword.
We often take it casual and shatter our closer one’s hopes.
Then expectations get broken and result into long lasting knots.
People who face betrayal are not able to bear such shocks.
They try their best to recover but their actions are just mocks.
Slowly with time they again start to trust.
By ignoring previous lessons they make their life more worst.
Bharat Vijay Sharma (Anku)



Of metropolis I don’t know,
to be a villager let me tell you
of my immune system,
defeating inconspicuous foes every day.
Oblivious of things around,
Playing viscous mud and muck don’t you tempt to challenge me by taking my breath away.
Not that easy is to come close to me,
With changing colors to overwhelm me,
by coercing my immunity.
Icky, though if you try to touch me
be ready for the aftermath,
will shake your very foundation
coz I am a tough guy.
Among those I am not to wait
for a vaccine to be ready,
can’t allow you to silt my throat,
will fight in a traditional way.
With powerful claims and ferocious designs of yours,
I will not kneel to you
but to continue to fight till my last breath.
Syed Aamir Sharief Qadri