inner voice


” Lost somewhere in the concrete jungle ,
There lives a dream.
Filled with passion and desire,
It is a reality of only few ,up in the cream
What went wrong was the real question,
The path was filled with hardwork
and emotions.
Some say it is a lady luck
Some say it is a destiny
But , what can you do without a single penny .
Longed forever for a life
Engraved with joys and delight .
Was one decision that powerful
to make or break one’ fortune .
There are people who commit hundred sins and emerge as heroes in life’s wins.
The cliche of middle class family
was so profound,
The real talent of a child was never found
Why God showed us dreams which
he never wanted to fulfill.
Was his intention just
to make a mockery of our fragile
heart’s against a world full of stills.
Alas, life is a quest
Without a rest .”
Sarijana Chib


Challenges Of Life


I sometimes wish I was a bird,
Very quite, hardly speak a word.
Life is really very tough,
Path is not smooth, it is rough.
Sometimes I pass, sometimes I fail,
Like sometimes a boat sink
sometimes it sail.
Everyone expects me to get 10 CGPA,
But they don’t understand
I might have a bad day.
Then there is a job that worries us,
Would I loose or be victorious?
After being the topper,
Will I get salary proper?
After retirement getting of pension,
Will put me in a real tension…
Finally when I’ll die,
And when people might cry,
I would wish I was a bird,
very quite, hardly speak a word…
Ananya Mahajan




Walking down the street all alone in dark,
With solitude as my only companion.
A complete silence except the sound of that tiny raindrops falling on the ground.
Light cold breeze touching my face with an essence of earth and the leaves are shivering as the last day of the world.
A pale yellow street lamp flickering over my head,
Casting a long but weak shadow of mine.
I was full of sorrows and thousands of bloody thoughts were striking my mind.
Was crying and tears got mixed with raindrops rolling down my cheeks.
No one can see me crying,
Wanna shout,
Wanna run,
I am fully confused
And depressed.
I wanna sit down on that
street and wanna cry loud,
So that all my sorrows come
out through my tears.
Need someone to hold
my cold hands and say I am with you.
Need someone to hug me,
Need some one to take my problems,
Need someone with whom
I can share my tears,
Need someone to call my own,
But there is no one but this solitude
– Wahid Rathore