inner voice

Similarity lies in Diversity


Irrespective of diverse languages in the world,
The language of love is similar everywhere.
Irrespective of diverse religions in the world,
The religion of humanity is similar everywhere.
Irrespective of diverse geography of the world,
The basic ingredients of climate is similar everywhere.
Irrespective of diverse emotions,
The emotions of love, pain are similar everywhere.
Irrespective of diverse colour of man’s skin,
The Panchattavas comprising a human is similar everywhere.
Then why there is conflicts, hue and cry?.
Instead let’s plant tree of love so that it gives shade to all coming generation.
Asha Singh
Ph.D Scholar, JU.


Drifting aimlessly


“In the desert there is a foot
print apart from all”
Perhaps, among us someone
is walking apart from all”
“They all had their destination,
they all knew they way”
“But I drifted aimlessly apart from all”
“In a crowded city opened a gentle door”
“As she looked at me apart from all”
“All gathered in a common
procession, but Altaf”
“Where are you going apart from all”
Altaf Ahmed
Ph.D Research Scholar





Black velvet sky
Cardinal red moon
The stars glimmer
The howl of wolves
Hoot of an owl
Bats fly above
The sparks of fireflies
I slow down and look back
Wild rabbits watch
Eyes shine ruby
A gust of wind
Swaying branches
Rustling leaves
Dark shadows dancing
Under the moonlight
Shujai Shaminotra

with every passing day


Every single day
I spent with you
Make me happy
Erase all my blue(s)
Every single day
When I listened to your voice
It attracts me towards you
With no other choice
Every single day
Your smiles touch my chord(s)
For your presence in my life
I gave thousand thanks to the lord…
Every single day
Your name engraved in my heart and core
With every passing day
I love you more and more…
Rahul Sharma