inner voice


Closing another era of change
and a memorable year,
Moving on to the endless
possibilities awaiting near.
Reflecting again on the beginning
of a new timeline,
Never a better time to
be feeling like on cloud nine.
To count those blessings
that came along my way,
To take a deep breath and
appreciate life, night and day.
To say thank you for the
fabulous friendly associations,
For times well spent and
lessons learnt on occasions.
To take responsibility and make
a difference where needed,
… reset, reenergize and
reinvent the spirit tattered.
Cheers to the many positive
vibrations and new horizon,
From the deserts of Antarctica
to the forests of Amazon.
Wishing you, your family and
friends across the globe,
A very blessed year with
many possibilities and scope.
Happy New Year!
Dr Vikas Jamwal


Life takes us to a platform,
that is beyond imagination.
The twists and turns, the ups and downs,are all its part with a
beautiful crown.
Just keep on working hard,
and life will change.
Be the best version of yourself,
and you will be acclaimed.
Life is that tough, we only believe
when you are your trueself,
life is at ease.
Go and conquer the world,
And claim the power you behold,
There are no hurdles, no barriers,
no obstacles,
but only fondness and affection
and the passion of compassion.
Be firm and bold, be aggressive and cold,
for you are the sun that will shine
against all odds!
No need to fumble, no need to panic,
for it is life and not a battlefront.
Be calm, be patient,
things would be perfect.
Let them move at its pace,
for life is not a race.
Live life with smiles and
glitters all around,
And let it shower it’s blessings with sprinkle through out!
Mehak Grover


The heart which was there,
The heart just went by.
The heart was then there,
The heart felt just right.
The heart was then gone,
Leaving an utterly silence behind.
The heart’s voice echoed
Only to ears of cliffs;
The heart’s silence flowed
Only in the hearts of bliss.
Can’t you hear it?
Can’t you feel it?
The heart was the unknown;
The heart never existed;
The heart was the moment;
The heart never ended.
Ayushi Bhat
Class 10th
K C International School