inner voice


The time full of dreams and joy,
Playing here and there with
butterflies and toy
Having an urge to grow up…
It was really a heaven-the childhood
Whenever grew up realized
that life is a puzzle game…
Happning totally different than thinking…
Getting totally different than desiring….
Not finding the way where to move…
Now realized how complex is the life..till
Collected the soil and made toys,
But life didn’t smile like childhood….
Not finding the way, till a ray of hope say…
Trust me,
“Life is wonderful if you know
how to live it with zest….
Have patience, everything will
be turn out the best”
Preeti Sharma
Nishta Kumari


Mother you gave me birth
In the darkness of the Earth.
Mother you gave me school
In school I learn
Mother you educated me
So I have a happy life to see
Mother, thank you for loving me
In the dark world you are always with me.
Nandita Khajuria
Presentation Convent School


Since the day I opened my eyes
Saw hands with threads and ties
Forced to live in a certain way
I was controlled every second of everyday
Blinded by my social norms and rules
I was to obey just as fools
Stereotypes was to be the guide
To which I was supposed to abide
Conventions was to be the Bible
My thoughts were considered a mere trifle
With blinders tied to my eyes
I was told it was a minor sacrifice
Yes, I was the puppet and this was the show
Despite all the pain, we’d just have to bow.
Ananya Singh
Class 7th


A sister is a gift by God.
She is someone who loves you
from her heart
Sister is someone who understands
your feelings.
She is someone who holds your
hands in happiness and sadness
All sisters fight but they have
a feeling of love in them
Their fight is also a type of showing love
Sister is a friend to the spirit, a
golden thread to the meaning of life.
Mannat Gupta
Class-V D


Life is busy, Life is fast,
Its difficult to make good things last;
When the times get tough,
When the way seems rough;
When nothing seems right,
Only your faith should shine bright;
Faith that today I m stronger than i know,
Faith that today I  have a brighter glow;
Faith that today I shall stand strong,
Faith that today I will bear no wrong;
Faith that today I will pick myself up,
And faith that today  I will empty my cup;
When you show faith, the chains
are breaking,
When you show faith, the heart is beating;
When you show faith,
the world seems right,
And when you show faith,the future seems bright;
So pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off;
However may be the day,
But your smile needs to stay;
Whatever may be the grief,
But one thing that should never
end is your belief !!
CA Surbhi Arora