Inner Voice


a wet fragrant woman
hair after bath throws music
The towelled head makes
an Egyptian queen
Heart……a rainbow ocean
laughter…….a tickle
beauty….in all.
Jokes are riches
lips sweet
eyes mirrors
body a walking song.
Ripe juicy mangoes
rise and fall
like waves of a sea.
I offer cactus and mouth
You are warm like June
You are joy like July rain.
play with me like water
flower me with
your freshness

Arvind Gigoo


Children shiver with fear,
As the exams draw near,
Eyes filled with tears
For wasting a whole year.
Had they worked hard earlier,
All would have been happier.
If you wish to secure marks that are rosier.
Children, do not feel the fright.
Face the exams with all your might.
Go and reach the stars.
Victory will be yours.
We are like the food and
education is ingredient.
We are like the trees and education is leaves.
We are the players of the
game of education.

Ayush Bhat
Ranbir Hr. Sec. School


She was walking
With a baby in her breast.
The baby was looking on
Over her shoulder
The nature, human faces
Smiles Frowns
Suddenly the baby
Became serious
And in no time
It nudged backward
To look deep very deep
At its mother’s eyes.
Then it again
Started looking on
Over her shoulder
The nature, human faces
Smiles frowns

Sujit De


Through the crevices of the door, one creepy night,
entered into my room,
a glow worm , bright .
On he paced forth,
lighting the way,
transforming the ambience
and turning it gay.
Dreamily, he floated in the air,
free of worldly worries and cares.
The eerie night gave way to joys myriad.
Oh! My heart, it was never so glad.
Rapt, I gazed at him so long
listening to his forlorn song.
Didn’t realise how fast time flew,
imbuing me with joy I never knew.
The glow worm had to
go and off he went,
draining away all the joy
that he had lent.
Then, once again,
my tenebrosious room,
filled my soul with dread and gloom.
The eternal truth
burst upon my head,
Nature is supreme,
it evades the dread.

Shreya Sharma