INNER VOICE (11-12-2022)

Do not be a Parasite

In a circus there was a pride of lions
All danced there with stock and scions
displayed the tricks for two or three coins
Losing dignity and staking their loins
They were happy over their master’s mercy
And considered themselves equal to cerce
They lived there with ease with easy food
and passed days and nights in happy mood
They were served flesh, we’re not in dismay
During this course they forgot arts of prey
One day the Govt. ordered the ban on circus
They were freed in the forest and were nervous
Playing the tricks for fun is not lion’s way
So they ate leftovers of others and hay
They were killed by dogs after a simple fight
The scene was horrible in the broad day light
We should also make children strong and rigid
So that they may not become parasite and timid

Bishan Sharma
Senior lecturer in Physics
Higher secondary School, Chenani


I learned to blame the world for my sins,
I accused it of feeding its soil with my tears,
Building mountains from my prayers left unheard,
And most often than not this lie…,
This shift of blame gave me the escape I looked for,
I spat profanity at the silent sky,
Had conversations with the stars,
About how they only shine to blind me,
with the earth,
How it only rotates so that I’d lose my footing,
Does this not sound familiar?
I blamed the wind for my tornado of thoughts,
Blamed the sun for my burning loneliness,
It all felt unlawfully right,
As if I tricked someone’s shoulders to hold my weight,
I absolved myself when absolution wasn’t mine to give,
When I got home,
I let my fist travel at lightspeed towards my reflection,
Saw my bloody knuckles before contact and did nothing to stop it,
They call this self-distructive?
I sat in a red puddle filled with shattered glass,
My body sobered by utter brokenness,
Repeating to myself, “I can’t keep doing this “,
Voluntarily drowning with my face half submerged in water,
Starving for freedom just a breath away,
An impossible breath away.

Reetain Raina
(Jain Bazar)