INNER VOICE (11-07-2021)


In the presence of Lord, all the things are filled.
Have the ability in you, also be equally skilled.
The troubles may haunt you, may cause you to drain.
To succeed in life, you have to face little pain.
Always bring a million-dollar smile on your face.
When the times are tough, always maintain your generous pace.
The time flies at a rapid speed.
But self confidence is what we only need.
The perspectives are different but life remains the same.
When things happen for good, we always get the name and fame.
Sahildeep Singh Raina
Cluster University of Jammu


If you can hold the grains of sand in your hand;
If you keep pace with time in its stand.
If the fairy of luck has blessed you with her wand ;
Then my dear , success is in your very own land.
The world is a stage, we are simply players;
Let us brighten it , we’ll be blessed by someone’s prayers.
These prayers are success; what more do you want ?
An altruistic act is a truly sacred chant .
Let faith dwell within and God above;
Today I can become an emissary of love.
Success- define it , someone asked me;
It can’t be defined in two words or three.
It is a feeling ineffable to say ;
It’s a real prime time to have successful day.
Tara Chand Bhagat
Talab Tillo. Jammu

An undermined plight

Sitting there, holding a leaf.
At the sight of an undermined plight.
Pondering to hold or not to hold.
As it can go wrong or right.
Wind whispers “no” , branches says “so”
Although, one can go, holding a leaf
At the sight of an undermined plight.
In the shade of zealous might
Against the brightness of light
Is like a sharp silhouette
Of a bird
Sitting on the branch of a tree
Swaying and singing; thee.
One can go, holding a leaf.
At the sight of an undermined plight.
Standing there, still holding a leaf
Wondering to or not to leave,
Perhaps one can go, who says though,
Some unexpected creatures around
That my sight has found.
One can go, holding a leaf.
At the sight of a forgotten plight.
Aayush Sahib
Paloura, Jammu.