”If you can’t do much…”

Japneet Kour
There are many people in the world who want to serve mankind in one way or the other. They without thinking much about themselves plunge into service as was recently seen during Covid-19 first and second waves in India and abroad.
However, there is another group of people who despite having zeal to serve people can’t come forward to help the needy. They, however, should not get upset, as there are other ways in which they can contribute their bit:
If you can’t do much then speak to the person who is counting days on his fingers. Who is afraid of crowds and his voice creaks to speak of his life. Give him hope and say that God is going to make this world better for you and me.
We don’t have time, we make the time possible. We don’t have days, we make the days possible. We don’t have hours, just minutes which make us believe in impossible. Our uncertainties are pushed while our past still confirms. Our groping is destined but what we are ready to surrender is a question.
The small steps like stapling the past with notes from Robin Sharma or listening to Spotify at off-hours can save us from dark holes where there is a minimum guarantee of escaping.
* If you can’t do much then go to the temples where the poor men and women are hungry for days. Give them the food and smile at them and look into their eyes with light and hope. Tell them that God listens to them more clearly than the people praying inside the temple.
* If you can’t do much then text your old friend who is juggling with this time and is trying to maintain a balance between his work and happiness. Tell him/her that you are going to do great things and time is just waiting to return them what they have given for years.
What are relationships to you? Are they just the mere coins to swap with time or the resistance towards the nature of life? No! They are the accounts of austerity to be made with time. They are priceless liberties that you fix while being at war with one. The very sensitive place of life where you keep your emotions earnestly and relieve yourself from the bondage of things. They are perfect in their place but are you?
* If you can’t do much then help your Maa in the kitchen and say she is the most beautiful soul in the house. Tell her she is a gem feeding and caring for everyone in the family. Tell her that she will be proud of the person you will become one day.
I remember the time when the roads were plain and the winds rushed my face to make me more comfortable while my feet were settling on the scooty.
The cold coffee and Maggi with a bunch of talks were all that we wanted. The little scraps of men’s scent lingered on our handcuffs; use to make us pretend our cool selves in hot summers. The setting of the sun made us less shivered because we were happy that we made up for the day.
* If you can’t do much then bring flowers for your grandma and say that even if she is away from the temple she can rely on her granddaughter who will entertain her with all memes and trolls of the family. Tell her that her presence is so peaceful and lovely in the garden of your life.
* If you can’t do much then call your cousin who is miles away and say you’re all childhood stories. Whisper him your favourite moment and about your future love. Tell him that you still laugh at your insecurities and mischiefs that were once discussed on the same couch.
Relatives, especially the cousins’ reserve the resting place in life. They usually have all the answers to your problems. They usually have all the best plan outlays of the retrieving location to spend vacations. At times, they call you at the most unsuitable times but remember them. They are good for one’s health and go to. They keep you tuned and make up your mind for a better future and better partner.
* If you can’t do much then hug yourself and look into the mirror and say you are the best edition diva of today. You could apply some mascara and even contour your lips. You could even wave at the mirror wearing high heels. You could even slip away to all those moments when you were getting ready for your first date.
The last time I made love was watching Netflix with some sauteed vegetables from the freezer or reading ‘Ikigai’; hanging me till midnight with a bunch of retakes on my life. I woke up just to sleep and slept just to wake up. The days appeared endless and the light lost its way, but I remember I was honest to my dreams whether it was making a reel for Instagram or writing just a piece of the snippet to relax my muscles. I carried till there was more rain so that I could make the paper boat from a crushed piece of paper and float it in water with my paddling dreams and amaze the little child in me.
When do you write? When you are hooked between emotions or when your emotions don’t align with words. I prefer the latter one because I was never taught or given lessons to make otherwise. I just know how to be practical enough and make my way out of nowhere. Yes, it is a statement now and I urge you to make a move, rush through the winds and feel yourself exhausted while you re-live the ‘Everyday’.
All I want to say is that we don’t know what would happen tomorrow but today make it best. Love yourself and don’t forget to send those notes of appreciation that need you both in this world and the world which you see through the eyes.
You could plunge a little water from the backyard because you would need more flowers to glow in sunlight while the sky shines fearlessly ever.