Inner Voice


When I Came To This World,
And Opened My Eyes,
I Found You All The Sides,
I Felt Your Presence Which Touched My Soul,
You Are The ONE Whom I Am ADMIRED………….
You are The ONE Whom I’ll Remember
From My CRADLE To My BURIED…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Komal Mengi
Raghunath Bazar, Jammu…

Oh, My Mother!

Mother…oh! My Mother
please don’t bother,
To listen to me once,
For you are the only one,
who made me laugh when I cried,
who always remained on my my side,
who shaped me for today,
And tomorrow to come,
I wish I could return you some.
God cannot be everywhere,
so he created Mom,
who made a house look like home,
I hope you live long,
so I could write this song,
Again and Again,
In every state , every form,
For you are my beautiful mom.

Biraj Gupta


Life is a head
Come out from bed
Go ahead and ahead
And be the best.
Life is a goal
Donot eat ready made soup;
Go and prepare it by yourself
And then eat it more, more and more.
Life is a battle
Come and enjoy in its shelter;
Listen first to every one
And then you can chatter.
Life is a rose
Now it is ours
Wake up early in the morning
And make every one to arose.
Life is sometimes also a thorn
Which can make you harm?
Face it by smiling face
So that you can be a charm.
Life is a circle
We can face every hurdle;
Try Try Try
So that we can touch the sky
Life is a game
Come and sit in this train;
Remember the name of God
And make your fame.

Mitiksha Koul
Army Public School,
Nagrota, Jammu


God’s gift to every creature,
Nature is the real giver
It has given us moon and river,
It is the real giver
And we are its receiver,
Sun gives us light
It is invisible in night
At night there is moon
And it’s invisible in noon
River gives us water
Pond is its daughter
Trees also give us wood
Never say no or please
God’s gift to every creature

Arjun Rana
Bikram Chowk H. No. 14
Behind Amar Singh Club


Next only to God
Man is superior
To every other creature
He can tame even the mightiest
With his powerful brain
He can create the world
Of his own.
Next only to God
Man is expected
To be just and fair
To every other creature

Surat Singh,
KAS Doda


Last night I trod the forbidden path unawares
I missed to see the walnut tree in the yard
I dared trespass and see the cause awe-struck
The ground around was so plain and shaven
A ditch underneath the tree trunk so big
Rectangular in shape and half filled
A partition created by three or four bricks
Formed two bid holes on either end
The sight so painful filled me with remorse
I was provoked to react with remonstrances
Deeply hurt for the loss of ancestral memoirs
I rushed to draft a legal suit from the counsel
He was an adept, a distant uncle of mine
But short of time to lend me the ear
And he left before I could depose
In good faith and out of care
What befell me, so that I could share
-The moment lights went off.

B.L. Koul
Pandoka Colony, Paloura,