Inner Voice (09-04-2023)

‘Morning Glory’

Let me narrate the morning glory
Let me tell you the untold story
The splendour of dawn mesmerizes me to the utmost
Captivating! Enchanting! paradise on the earth almost
The trees mightier, standing in row
Seems the ascetics and sages’ heads bow
The grass lush sways with the breeze cool
As if a wise preceptor instructing an ignorant, fool
A cuckoo, sitting amidst the leaves, sings a song sweet
Like a beloved sends text to her man and tweet
A raven black, produces the sound ‘kraa’ I hear
Might be calling upon the female raven, ohh dear!
Sitting in a bench, gently I close my eyes
Realising the glory of morning, truth it is, no lies.
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony.


Everyone’s so pretty
With their blonde hair and blue eyes
Smart shirts and suits and dandy ties
Honest lives, big parties and no lies
Everyone’s so pretty
With their perfect spouses and kids
Disciplined kids that throw no fits
Caring spouses that do their bit
Everyone’s so pretty
With their gold watches and new cars
Big parties thrown at big bars
Raising their children to become stars
But am I pretty
With my black hair and brown eyes
Ruffled shirts and old ties
Personal life full of lies
Am I pretty
With my domestic abused life and egoistic kids
When I can’t afford them toys they throw fits
Spouses that stay away and neglect their bit
Am I pretty
With just my inherited earrings and no cars
No parties and visit no bars
Society says my children can’t become stars
Sanvi Rajput

A Beauty

A slim beauty with big brown eyes, pearl life teeth give breath of sigh.
Her innocent face create, the shadow of Goddess Aphrodite.
The evening sun site blaze into merlot wine, when she smiles.
Her fluttering black hairs, blend the taste of Lily into air,
Her attractive stylish walk, seems like musk dear susurrate hill on top.
Dr Deepak Singh Manhas