Inhuman and cowardly act


Pakistan sponsored militants carried out an outrageous attacks not only on soft targets and even on those who are innocents and unarmed but those police personnel who were performing the noble duty on roads in respect of enforcing COVID related restrictions and people’s movement to save them from getting infected and sick. We would not go in the customary condemning the recent militant attack on a police party on duty in Sopore Kashmir but would call it the extreme act against all tenets of humanity and morality , the perpetrators of which deserve nothing less than the extreme punishment but as quickly as possible in order to do justice with the two police personnel martyred and two innocent civilians too killed in the grenade attack followed by indiscriminate firing by militants. Our heart goes to the bereaved families of the brave Policemen martyred in the attack as also to those of the two civilians whose precious lives were lost. Since four others including a police officer who were injured in the attack are undergoing treatment , one is reported to have been grievously wounded and it is hoped that they all recover fast. Three militants associated with the Lashkar-eToiba Terror outfit who executed this dastardly attack must again ask their conscience as to what they gained from killing the four innocent people ,two of whom were poor vegetable vendors and otherwise hurrying for going home that the attack was launched. What precisely these killers wanted to convey and to whom except that their reckoning had started ticking fast to meeting their ultimate fate. All these 31 years , we reiterate, this violence and mayhem have resulted in nothing except killing of innocents and destroying of commerce, trade and properties. Cries, wailing and mourning as also funerals are the outcome of such senseless and aimless violence which is unleashed at the behest of a belligerent neighbour and nothing was going to be achieved which must be borne in mind by such misguided , misled and indoctrinated militants. Police and Army personnel are engaged in a massive hunt for the killers . Reports are that out of the three killers , two were local while the third was from outside . Immediately after the attack, the Inspector General of Police Kashmir rushing to Sopore and discussing security situation is all right but such exercise on regular basis needs to be undertaken especially in vulnerable areas and those areas where some acts of violence in the recent past had been executed but the culprits not apprehended so as to pre-empt any further mischief by such unapprehended militants. SHO Sopore having been shifted gives a hint about loopholes in the security system and in police bandobast on chowks like busy Spore Chowk in an unprofessional way which gives scope to complacency and not keeping a strict watch on suspected movements. How could the killers make good their escape after the attack and that being not only the first incident must be looked into thoroughly so that in future damages were minimised if not altogether ruled out. People, however, in general want to do their normal routine and attend to their work , avocation and other activities of livelihood , shops want to be open and business establishments busy in trading . Tourists had started in good numbers visiting tourist spots but with the second wave of Corona- virus some slackness is witnessed indicating no one was interested in what these believers in violence aimed at and all want an early end to the dark chapter of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. The operations against militants and their outfits with all speed and vigour notwithstanding, it is high time they abandoned the gun and joined the mainstream.