Infra development on borders

In order to widen the ambit of the Border Area Development Plan (BADP), the Central Government has accorded sanction of Rs.400 crore for 10 border states including Jammu and Kashmir. It is heartening that as many as 10 districts of Jammu and Kashmir which share borders with Pakistan and China will get a major boost under the scheme. The infrastructural development includes construction of helipads and promotion of border and rural tourism as well.
Districts in Jammu slated to benefit are Jammu, Samba and Kathuafalling along the International Border with Pakistan, and Rajouri and Poonch districts on the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan. Three districts of Kashmir, Baramulla, Bandipur and Kupwara on LoC with Pakistanand both districts of Ladakh region including Leh which shares Line of Actual Control with China and LoC with Pakistan and Kargil which has LoC with Pakistan are all going to be benefitted.
Readers may recall that the Central Government had, prior to it, already sanctioned Rs. 1100 crore for development of these border areas and that amount was released in 2017-18 and the amount of Rs.400 crore is in addition to that amount which puts the entire amount now at Rs. 1500 crore. Though, admittedly,it cannot be said that the amount is sufficient enough to make these border areas of 10 border states including Jammu and Kashmir very adequately developed but the fact is that the process started right from 2017 towards this end and shall go a long way in resulting in a push to the developmental activities in these sensitive areas of these border states.
The Government is conscious of the extreme difficulties, the people at the border areas, at times have to pass through and even otherwise in the ordinary course, are braving all the threats and grave provocations from Pakistan especially in Jammu and Kashmir. It is in this context that the highest amount from the total amount sanctioned freshly by the Central Government, was going to be released to Jammu and Kashmir.