Industrial sector suffers due to Highway restrictions

State Government’s directives to disallow civilian traffic with exceptions of emergency cases , twice a week to facilitate the movement of security convoys for the Parliamentary polls followed by total mismanagement of traffic on the National Highway have been criticised by the Bari Brahmana Industries Association alleging that the industrial sector has started suffering due to these reasons. Since delays in the receipt of the raw material from Kashmir valley and despatch of finished goods from Jammu to Kashmir, Doda, Kishtwar and other parts of the State take place , the same was having an adverse effect on the industrial units.
Needless to add, ‘Excelsior’ has taken a leading role in voicing concern on this order immediately after its announcement by the State Government , citing besides series of problems , the effects on trade and commerce and availability of goods of essential nature. Agreed, the restrictions are to last till the end of the next month only but the transit delays of two days every week would impact the industrial sector too as relaxation for movement of goods is not made effective . Delays otherwise caused would be there only in exceptional circumstances dictated by natural factors like heavy rains and snowfall but the duration thereof would be for a few days only unlike this sort of traffic movement on the National Highway.
However, there being no restrictions on the movement of goods in night on twice a week basis while on remaining days there being no restrictions have resulted in being less useful because of total mismanagement of traffic on this vital National Highway which should be addressed by the concerned authorities urgently.