Indian Opposition

India being the biggest democracy cannot afford to be without a strong opposition. Healthy democracy means healthy opposition. But unfortunately the political parties don’t understand the role of the opposition in a healthy democracy. They go on opposing just for the sake of opposition. If the ruling party says ‘the sun rises in the east’, the opposition opposes it. This is not the real role of opposition. India is a big developing country. The eyes of the big powers are gazing towards us. Some big powers do not want India to progress for their own interests and some want India to be disintegrated. India being a complex social set up hence there are other internal issues as well. Any negative and unconstructive opposition affects the prestige of the country in the international arena.
Leaving the negative opposition aside on caste, communal and regional basis, opposition has many issues where their role is mandatory. Water, roads, food, sanitation, cleanliness, electricity are the basic issues on which the Indian opposition parties can take a constructive role and prove pivotal in alleviating the problems of the India citizens.
Sudershan Kumar