“Indian Education system is in need of a complete overhaul”- Dr. Chandan Agarwal

The Indian school system caters to a large group of approximately 250 million students. The new education system is today witnessing a major shift and growth from the traditional model of knowledge dissemination to focus on life-skills, critical and analytical thinking, and logical reasoning.
Understanding the need of the hour, educationists in India have started to evaluate how students are being taught at the preliminary level that would help realize a change as they grow older.

One such initiative was strongly advocated by a young and passionate entrepreneur, Dr. Chandan Agarwal. Hailing from Bihar, Dr. Agarwal envisioned to bridge the growing education gap in India and establish it at par with global standards. He is a gold medallist in MBA from NMIMS University in Mumbai and an honorary doctorate from the International University of America in London.

Currently, he is the chairperson of G.D. Goenka Public School, Kanpur which build the momentum of his vision and paved the way towards the establishment of the G.D. Goenka Public School in Kanpur, La Petite Montessori in Kanpur, and the G.D. Goenka Public School in Bareilly, which are today some of the best educational institutes in the state of Uttar Pradesh and neighboring locations.

According to Dr. Agarwal, “the main motive is to enhance the analytical competencies, fasten the decision-making and improve the critical thinking aspects of children. The upcoming demand for jobs is a diverse field. Therefore, learning must focus on developing human skills like compassion and inclusion for all, instead of only promoting the old scoring system in the examination. Hence, the education system in India is in need of a complete overhaul”.

He further adds, “ to ensure the holistic development of the students, we have incorporated some of the best values and practices that would enable and offer a healthy learning environment to students by introducing several new-age features in the school such as digital smart classrooms, sports, and extracurricular rooms, fully air-conditioned facilities, a world-class cafeteria, safe school practices, an extensive international library that are setting international benchmarks in the education sector of the state. We always advocate to develop a strong and healthy relationship with teachers which will make students comfortable to ask questions”.

His efforts have also been recognized in the form of several awards and accolades such as the ‘Champions of Change Award in 2018’, ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016’, and ‘Top North Indian Educationalist’ among many others. He has also been conferred the Knighthood by the Supreme Council of KOPH (Knights of Peace and Humanities). The school has also been recognized among the Top 10 Schools by Education World in 2015, besides being recognized as one of the leading schools in Uttar Pradesh.

Recently, he has been appointed as the Higher Education Advisor by Phagu Chauhan, Governor of Bihar as well as Advisor of Bihar Cricket Association (affiliated to BCCI) by the BCA President. Taking cognizance of this new responsibility, he is aspiring to bring about positive changes in Bihar’s higher education system and sports.

To know more about him, please visit: https://chandanagarwal.com/about-chandan-agarwal-kanpur/