India, UK stealth warships conduct Konkan Exercise in English Channel

LONDON: Indian Navy stealth frigate INS Tarkash joined the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Destroyer in the English Channel for their annual Konkan Exercise this week.

Konkan is a long-running exercise designed to test the ability of the two Commonwealth navies to operate side-by-side during war and other crunch scenarios.

The Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer, HMS Destroyer, met up with INS Tarkash in unseasonally bleak August weather off the South Coast for the two navies’ annual workout called “Exercise Konkan”, a Royal Navy statement said.

Both vessels involved are regarded as ‘stealth’ ships designed to make the minimum impact on an enemy’s radar display, with Defender specifically designed to shield a task group from air attack, while the Russian-built Tarkash is a general-purpose frigate bristling with anti-ship/anti-land/anti-air missiles, the Royal Navy noted. (AGENCIES)