Imran spills the beans but only half-way

Pakistan caught between the devil and the deep sea in respect of having been playing with fire with naked fingers in manufacturing terrorism and rolling out motivated, indoctrinated, trained and armed terrorists to carry terror attacks in Kashmir and Afghanistan, has reached such a point where it had to officially admit certain vital facts about the entire issue of its deep involvement in promoting and sustaining terrorism . Having been reduced to a naught in importance and say in world matters as also having been isolated internationally coupled with suspension of aid and funds assistance from the US ostensibly in failing to lend its full cooperation in the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and other militant groups, Prime Minister Imran Khan had to acknowledge which the earlier Governments in Pakistan were wilfully hiding that Pakistan had forty active terror groups operating from that country.
Call it pressures emanating from a bankrupt economy, suspension of US funds for fighting terrorism, heavy international borrowings and inability to servicing of debts, indictment at the International Court of Justice, strong and inelastic policy of India towards it that terror and talks would not go together and host of reasons, Imran Khan had to speak a part of the whole truth that a swarm of ‘militants’ who fought in Kashmir and Afghanistan continued to stay in Pakistan. Why we say that despite coming out with such an unexpected revelation by the present Pakistan PM being half-way or half truth is the phrase “who fought” rather than saying who were sent by Pakistan and various operating agencies to create mayhem in otherwise peaceful Kashmir. The term “who fought” denotes the malice, distortions and falsehood wrapped to a clear cut officially sponsored and sustained terrorism in Kashmir to kill innocents, men, women and children, security forces, razing to ground even scores of school buildings denying the right to education to the children there.
The former rather deposed President Musharraf too had admitted about the state’s active involvement but only when out of office that the “boys sent to Kashmir were our boys, trained and funded by us and we were proud of them”. He even had applauded a few terror groups by name, all in a TV interview and even suggested that the nukes piled by that country were not for some religious occasions for illumination but to be used (against India). This all demonstrates that how Pakistan under a design and aim was using terror and terror groups to create disturbances in Kashmir. Had the mounting international pressure not been on the present dispensation in Pakistan, it would reportedly not have ‘taken control’ of the Jamat-ud- Dawah (JuD) and its so called charity wing the Falah-e-Insanyat Foundation and its some properties. Almost all seminaries and many mosques in Pakistan affiliated to this terror group , as per Imran Khan, were taken control of by his Government.
Did it all happen because of the very serious view taken by India regarding the dastardly terror act at Pulwama on February 14 this year whereby India succeeded in building an increased pressure from international community on Pakistan to mend its ways and outright abominate terrorism growing on its soil. Irrespective of perhaps innocently putting the foot in his mouth by President Trump about the offer of mediation between the two countries on Kashmir, the camel is now under the mountain having perhaps felt that the state policy of terrorism had in fact devastated Pakistan itself in many ways. Pakistan lied to the US as admitted by Imran about the presence of thousands of trained militants in Pakistan, it lied to the whole world about its non involvement of 26/11 Mumbai attack, it continues to lie even now about its naked role for the last over three decades of promoting and funding terrorism and religious hatred in Kashmir.
A note of caution, if not a warning to those in Kashmir who still daydream about achieving something elusive by means of getting trapped into the mechanisations of Pakistan and willy-nilly holding gun, that the time was ripe for them to read the writing on the wall. Pakistan has been fully exposed and days of terrorism there are numbered, the time was opportune for those misguided and misled Kashmiri militants to join the mainstream and shun violence.