Save our young generation from drugs

How come the drug syndicate is gaining strength day by day in spreading their network of smuggling and sale of drugs and narcotic substances in Jammu and Kashmir? No doubt there have been instances of more seizures of drugs in one year but instead of feeling any satisfaction about such seizures, the entire scenario was demonstrative of the vast network across the State being very active and smuggling activities very often going unchecked.
It is not the question of sale and trade of these drugs and earning money and fund anti India and other criminal activities but giving practical shape to the design to achieve obnoxious ends like ruining the future of the country-the youth, who once getting trapped into tasting this poison become addicts leading to individual ruination and devastation of families. Why are not suspected routes of smuggling being plugged? Why is not a special police force adequately formed to exclusively deal with drugs and related issues and trained on modern lines in seizures of the contraband and trapping the culprits and their kingpins. The Government must accord top priority to deal very ruthlessly with those who deal in any manner whatsoever with drugs , the time is running fast.