I don’t know if we can be put under more pressure: Rabada

RANCHI: The demoralising defeats at the hands of India in the first two Tests has forced South African paceman Kagiso Rabada to think if his side can be put under more pressure.

India’s top-order fired in unison to bury South Africa under a mountain of runs in both the Tests, where they amassed 500 and 600 in the first innings in Visakhapatnam and Pune.

“We’ve been put under immense pressure. I don’t know if we can be put more pressure than that,” Rabada told reporters.

The 24-old year old paceman acknowledged that not only Indian batsmen but their bowlers also outsmarted them.

It’s been a long time when South Africa took 20 wickets in a Test match and  Rabada, who is South Africa’s leading seamer, only has four wickets from two matches in this series.

“They got the ball to reverse and they bowled well as a collective. Their whole attack put pressure on us in every single aspect. Their spinners bowled well and when the ball was reversing their seamers could exploit that. We didn’t really get the ball to reverse and that’s a major weapon of ours,” he explained.

Rabada is hoping that this phase will be over soon.

“It’s never nice to lose, especially in the manner we’re losing right now but we’re going through a transition period. Our team is fresh and young, so the best thing we can do is look at where we can improve and remember our strengths and build on them.” (AGENCIES)