Hosting of IYD in Srinagar has put J&K on global map: LG

LG Manoj Sinha welcoming PM Narendra Modi at IYD event in Srinagar on Friday morning.
LG Manoj Sinha welcoming PM Narendra Modi at IYD event in Srinagar on Friday morning.

‘PM has taken Yoga to world’

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, June 21: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today said the hosting of International Yoga Day celebrations in Srinagar has put Jammu and Kashmir on the global map.
“I am grateful to the Prime Minister for allowing J&K to lead the International Yoga Day celebrations. This historic event has put Jammu Kashmir on the global map”, Sinha said while addressing 10th International Yoga Day programme in Srinagar, which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Yoga plays the most significant role in enhancing the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of well-being, he said.
The Lt Governor said that the Prime Minister has taken Yoga to the world and today this invaluable gift from our ancient tradition is being practiced across the globe.
“Yoga is a holistic approach towards happiness. It is the first step towards a healthy life. It unites Body and Mind as saint Patanjali had said that Body and Mind are one. Yoga brings consciousness and through consciousness, pure joy is born”, he added.
Sinha expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for selecting Jammu and Kashmir, particularly Srinagar, as the venue for the 10th International Yoga Day main event.
He mentioned that this event has brought a new perspective to the development journey of the Union Territory.

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Sinha commended the Prime Minister’s efforts in promoting Yoga on an international level, stating that Yoga embodies the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
He emphasized the significance of this year’s theme, highlighting the importance of individuals protecting and supporting each other.
The Lieutenant Governor quoted ‘Puman Pumansam Paripatu Vishwatah’ and ‘Vyashem Devahitam Yadayu’ to stress the importance of charity and unity among humanity.
Referring to Maharishi Patanjali’s teachings, he emphasized on the unity of body and mind in Yoga practice. He concluded by acknowledging the global impact of PM’s vision of ‘One Earth One Health’ and expressed his appreciation for the Prime Minister’s efforts in restoring the ancient glory of Jammu and Kashmir over the past decade.