Aries : Today you will be focussed and unshakable in your work, The results will be noticeable by mid-day. In the evening you will meet one of your admirers and this will take a load off your shoulders. Ganesha predicts that if you are unmarried, you will meet someone remarkable.

Taurus : You analysis, estimates and decisions, your planning and implementation is likely to be wayward and error prone. You could, thus, fall short of your targets today, warns Ganesha. Every thing you do is likely to be misplanned and misdirected. You are advised to maintain focus, and stick to the basics. Be watchful about your miscalculations and take corrective measures before things get out of hand. Take up financial matters later in the day. Things will work out better.

Gemini : Ganesha warns that those around you could harbour feelings of enemity against you today. These people will try to malign your name and slander your reputation. However, in front of you these people will act like your well-wishers. You will taste the sweet fruit of success after much hard work, post noon, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You have two options to over-come the unwanted sad events. One is to run away and the other is to face boldly. Ganesha suggests you choose the second option. The evening promises a joyful mood. You will entertain guests at home.

Leo : You will take some important decisions regarding personal or professional matters today, says Ganesha. The later half of the day will be spent enjoying with your family and friends. An extremely progressive day awaits.

Virgo : You are a master craftsman when it boils down to inter-personal relationships. In the afternoon, you may feel very secretive about some things. An insipid evening may make you miss the enjoyment you might otherwise have had. Nevertheless, Ganesha says it will be a happy and bright day.

Libra : Ganesha says today your children will make you happy by imparting good news to you and you will be able to spend a nice and happy time with them. This is a good day for you in money matters as you may get a salary rise or even gain an inheritance from relatives. Your interests in the finer arts will be appreciated. There are possibilities of you renovating your home or changing the décor of your home today

Scorpio : You are as inquisitive as a child today. There are a lot of queries in your mind that need to be solved. At work, you have umpteen challenges. But, this does not stop you from fulfilling your responsibilities towards your family. Love and affection rule in the family, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Stars are aligned in a way that they shower both, luck & money on you today. Profits and achievements galore at business front, says Ganesha. You may go on a shopping spree with your partner and splurge on the exclusive jewellery. Tighten your purse strings.

Capricorn : You follow your gut feeling when it comes to making decisions. But, today is a different day. You examine nuts and bolts of every situation and make judgements accordingly. You will pay attention to your love life during the second half of the day. Impulsive and expressive, you will spend money and make extra efforts to bring a sweet smile on your partner’s face.

Aquarius : Do you feel slightly awkward in social gatherings? Do you wonder how to break the ice and strike a conversation? Don’t be conscious, in fact, be yourself to feel comfortable, feels Ganesha. You may find it difficult to get rid of some petty issues today. Listen to music, sing or play an instrument; it will relax your mind.

Pisces : With the blessings of Ganesha you will face fewer obstacles than you normally do. You will enjoy your favourite foods today. You will experience less mental stress today and you will be full hopes and dreams. It will appear as though life is moving in the right direction. You will feel happy and satisfied today.