Aries : If you have a sportsman spirit, today will be a very bright day for you. You should make the best of it as something unexpected may turn out to be in your favour. Ganesha says you are sensible and know exactly how to balance work and leisure.

Taurus : This day, you’re liable to act very harsh and assertive towards your subordinates. You will insist that they follow your orders and do exactly as you say. Your rough handling will not go down well with your workers, or colleagues. Be sure that you are going to suffer and pay for that in the long run. Ganesha urges you to be more open and amicable. Consulting others, making plans and agendas will help you get things done better, faster.

Gemini : You will be caught up in your daily routine so much that you will begin to think of ways to break free and do something new for a change. You need to spend more time with your family members and children to unwind. The evening will see you attending a party or a dinner with your friends, says Ganesha.

Cancer : Today, there is likely to be a twist in your tale. Something is going to happen that is likely to make your life turn a corner. It may be a major breakthrough or a seemingly innocuous accident, but your life is likely to change significantly.

Leo : Falling into a routine can be dangerous if it traps you in a rut. So, bear this in mind and take a break from the usual, says Ganesha. A little change will go a long way in helping you recharge your batteries. Your children’s achievements will make you proud, even as afternoon will bring glad tidings on the financial front. Chances are it shall be an emotional evening for you. But considering the events of the day, it is a good thing, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Ganesha predicts that family matters will occupy most of your attention today. Your power of persuasion and your towering persona may help you get pending work done. Emotional issues may demand your attention as well, and you will handle them with practised ease. You will spend the night discussing intimate matters with your spouse.

Libra : You will spin out a plan on a daily basis and prefer to go with the flow, predicts Ganesha. The afternoon may see your peers giving you some bit of unnecessary tension due to approaching deadlines. In the evening, you may consider spending some time meditating to attain peace of mind.

Scorpio : You will tackle work and commitments with a renewed zeal today, says Ganesha. Your enthusiasm will catch on at the workplace, contagious and inspiring as it is. On the career front, things will look up later in the day and opportunities will shower a plenty. Take a break when the stress begins to pile and indulge in some leisure activity of your liking.

Sagittarius : Your colleagues will enjoy your flexible and positive attitude at work today, feels Ganesha. Polish your social skills and your smile, because today afternoon might turn out to be a carnival of people. Your evening may be more laid-back as you will find breathing space to relax with your loved ones.

Capricorn : You may wobble under the burgeoning work pressure and may have to endure tremendous stress to meet deadlines and achieve set targets. But the hellish situation will fail to affect your state of mind as well as your ability to make sensible decisions, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : You take inspiration from Hercules today! Your endurance will see you through adversities, asserts Ganesha. Despite this, your playful bantering will cheer your colleagues. You even manage to please your beloved, and that speaks volumes about you!

Pisces : Beating deadlines, with whatever is handy, is what you will be focusing on today. No post-lunch siesta for you. The later part of the day, relaxing with your sweetheart, ought to make up for all the running around you had to do earlier, says Ganesha.