Saturday July 25-2020

Aries : Without apparent reason you may go into your shell today. No doubt you will acknowledge the contribution of others, but Ganesha says you have to do more than that; you will have to share your knowledge with your peers. Besides this, Ganesha says you need to cut down on your spending.

Taurus : Ganesha sees you being very planned and focuses, poised and practical in handling your affairs today. You’ll be able to take identify the best strategy, course of action that the situations demand. This day you would be performing like a specialist, a real expert and will not fail to accomplish whatever you have set out to do. Most likely you will be taking up several projects and assignments in course of the day.

Gemini : Today will be a day of joy, happiness and festivities on the home-front. You will try and spend as much time as possible with the children and will enthusiastically participate in home improvement projects. You will be able to solve pending issues at home by taking an intelligent interest in them, says Ganesha.

Cancer : You have always been quite prudent when it comes to spending your hard-earned moolah, yet today you may feel stingier. And, you will rightly be so, for there may be unnecessary burdens and demands made on you be your near and dear ones. Although you will be aware of this, you will still be able to keep them happy, affirms Ganesha. There is also a high probability of some changes in either nature or scope (or both) of your work.

Leo : You may not get the desired results inspite of working hard. You need to keep your weaknesses in mind, and your mistakes, before starting anew again. You will need to do more than necessary, if required, to make sure that your business relationships stay strong. Finances will improve, says Ganesha.

Virgo : Today is the right time to start a new project, while older projects which had been postponed will be finished. Over the next week you will try to boost your energy levels. Parties will lead to a lot of entertainment and joy. Ganesha says children will bring home pride which will put you in even higher spirits.

Libra : Ganesha says that for people you may appear to be a miser but when it comes to your closed ones you will never hold back or hesitate to spend. Today is a good day to take your loved ones shopping. You may overspend your budget but the spending will give you a feeling of happiness and contentment. Ganesha showers you with his blessings

Scorpio : Life is the best teacher, they say. And today, you even experience this. You may learn to survive the neck-tight competition in the market. This may invite a lot of envy, but nothing shall bother you. Ganesha reminds you of the adage, ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine,’ so, it’s fine even if you commit some errors.

Sagittarius : You are a social butterfly as you attend a series of parties and events today, says Ganesha. You may even bump into old pals and relive good ol’ days. Also, you meet your extended family! It’s time for soiree and merry-making.

Capricorn : Now is the perfect time to showcase your talents and skills. You are all geared up to hit your target and do everything that is needed to be done. Your efforts will not go in vain as they will bear fruits for sure, says Ganesha. You will spend quality time with your family member and catch with old friends.

Aquarius : You will spend the day introspecting, but the mental peace will still seem distant. Some unavoidable circumstances will force you to handle the situations with diligence, feels Ganesha. Due to your devotion to the Almighty and spiritualism, you will be able to deal with problems pretty well.

Pisces : It is difficult for you to be part of one team and to work as a member on two teams, but today you can do anything you want. You will be able to show your expertise to your team today and will be praised by all. Women will make a profit today and will feel encouraged.