“Heart….what matters.”

Gehna Kochhar
How strange is the world we live in,
We are loved for our smiles,
Not our hearts,
Left alone for our ugliness,
Never for our beauty.
Loved for our strengths,
But never appreciated for our weakness.
Isn’t it?
Always forgetting –
“Kami kami nahi rahegi agar usko takat samjhenge.”
We will always focus on acknowledging ones strengths and appreciate them for that,
But what about the weaknesses that make us stronger?
We are loved for what we are strong in,
Hated for what we are weak in,
Not realizing the fact our weaknesses are our biggest strengths.
“Jo cheez ek din todti hai,
Vahi ek din takat banti hai. ”
There’s nothing in life more beautiful than having a pure heart,
But do we notice that or it’s just the physical beauty our eyes are stuck at?
” We love flowers for their beauty, for adding colors in our deadly lives,
But we never appreciate the stems; the roots which are the ones that make the flowers grow and look beautiful one day, isn’t it? ”
Our focus is just to praise the things that are beautiful, not internally but physically.
Living in today’s generation, relationships are broken seeing one’s physical beauty, Not one’s heart.
The heart which is the most precious thing of us humans is never appreciated for being its real self
But us, people covered in layers, are loved for what we do.
Just because a person is beautiful outside, how do you believe the person will be beautiful inside too?
On the other side,
Just because a person isn’t physically attractive what makes it decide that they aren’t genuine souls?
“What’s the point of being physically attractive if you are the uglier on the inside? ” Our reality,
Our truth isn’t decided by what we portray,
But what we actually are is unseen by most of us.
“Always know your real identity will always be a secret,
People portray what they’ll be loved for,
Not what makes them weak.”
” Har koi vahi dekhata hai
Jo vo dekhana chahte hai,
Agar sabko sach dekhane lage,
Toh kitne Log choot jayenge.”
Don’t let your worth be measured by the amount of layers on your face but by the smiles you bring to faces each day.
Physical beauty fades, but your heart, the love it yields, the struggles it goes through, the smile it captures will always be remembered….