Healthy packed lunch

Dr Juhi Gulati Amla
Does your child hate his lunchbox ? Does he come home with his food untouched? While your child’s ideal lunch box would consist of pizzas or burgers,, you as a parent know that his choice of food does not provide the required nutrition. So what do you do? Pack him a lunch box of dal-rice chapatti and vegetables day after day after day.
Busy kids need a healthy school lunch to boost their energy and help them concentrate and learn in the afternoon.
Top tips for healthy lunch box:
* The packed lunch should consist of all five food groups, though the   number of dishes may be less.
*  Inclusion of one serving of green leafy vegetables would take care of one-third requirement of many vitamins and minerals.
*  Always include fresh fruit and vegetables. Vary the selection to keep it interesting.
*  Offer a variety of whole grain breads.
*  Kids need a serve of protein at lunchtime. Ensure you include lean meat, egg, peanut butter, chickpeas or tuna.
*  Add a chilled bottle of water and lime juice.
*  Kids like fresh fruit cut and ready to eat. Fruit salad is the ideal lunch box solution; it’s colourful, easy to eat and bursting with vitamins.
*  Offer different seasonal fruits each day for a change in flavour, colour and texture.
*  Containers should b cleaned and dried before packing the food.
* Suggested packed lunches
* Vegetable pulao, boiled egg,orange fruit.
* Methi chappati, green leafy vegetable saag.
* Salad
* Sandwiches
* Idli, dhokla
* Vegetable wraps
* Food is not just a feast for the taste buds. While we may believe it targets just one sense, it in facts targets the sense of smell, of sight, of taste and yes, of touch as well. Think about it!!!!!
(The author is Dietitian)