Headphones during Morning Walk

Agrita Chhibber
The clockstrikes at 5 o’clock in the morning, runners are ready to explore the beauty of nature in its calmness. But wait calmness? No, not exactly as the runner has stuffed his ears with huge glossy headphones constantly producing sound waves at huge decibels. Do you really think those glossy headphones should accompany you everywhere you walk like a shadow adding an extra gram on your head? The early piece of the morning is your piece that you need to enjoy in complete calmness.
Headphoneshave a huge harming effect on your ears and they should be avoided as much as possible. Morning walk or run should be done keeping technology at bay. The whole day gets consumed by being in a constant affair with the technology, what if mornings were kept real and natural without tech interference. Replace Arjit Singh orAlan Walker with sounds of chirping and cu-koo.
People who walk with their headphones on have huge risk of hurting themselves as they areignorant of other sounds like a vehicle honking or someone asking them to move a side. On a daily basis, a lot of incidents are heard someone being hit by a vehicle due to their ignorance. But still, it go unnoticed by many people as they are addicted to their webbed world inside glossy headphones. Raising the volume of the song and putting the world to silence!- is their new mantra.
Many studies have shown the increase in the death rate due to ear pluggins. Be it a walk to home or in metro cities carrying headphones is like a custom that populace follows religiously without giving a second thought about the risk they are putting their ears at. Headphones damage your ear in the same way as loud music does, audiologists call it as “noise-induced hearing loss.” Headphones don’t have to be extremely loud to damage your ears.Even listening to headphones or earbuds at a moderate volume can damage your hearing over time. Today there are ample of designs and styles of ear pluggins in the market to allure the youth. The bright colours and convenient way of handlingthem have made it a must-have in the collection. They are rapidly making a style statement among youth and the want to add newbies to their increasing collection. Boys/ Girls while driving two-wheeler should avoid wearing them at any cost.
Enjoy the fragrance spreading from
The yellow flowers of the bitter guard plants
And look at the greenery of paddy fields
Every day you take a morning walk!
Open your eyes! Folks. After rolling your eyeballs over the above-mentioned harms of headphones, do you still think your morning routine should include these ears aching plugins? Keep mornings for listening to your inner soul and music that nature plays for you early every morning. Music should be played in open to be enjoyed by everyone not pounding in your ears and leading to severe problems.
What an irony it is, people get up early morning to improve their health but unknowingly they start the day with painful torture to their ears. Are you improving your health or preparing for another unwanted long walk to the doctor’s clinic?