Govt widens access of Traditional Knowledge Digital Library database beyond patent offices

NEW DELHI, Aug 17:
The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the widening access of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) database to users, besides patent offices.
The access to the TKDL database would be through a paid subscription model with a phase-wise opening to national and international users.
The approval of the Cabinet to widen the access of the database beyond patent offices lays emphasis on integrating and co-opting traditional knowledge with current practices towards enhancing innovation and trade, the government said in a statement.
“The TKDL will act as an important source for advancing knowledge and technology frontiers. The current contents of TKDL shall facilitate wider adoption of Indian traditional medicines, while also propelling new manufacturers and innovators to gainfully build enterprises based on our valuable knowledge heritage,” it said.
The statement said that the opening up of the TKDL will help drive research & development, and innovation based on India’s valued heritage across diverse fields.
The opening up of the TKDL is also envisaged to inculcate thought and knowledge leadership through Bharatiya Gnana Parampara, under the New Education Policy 2020, it said.
The TKDL, the statement said, can cater to a vast user base that would include businesses/companies [herbal healthcare (AYUSH, pharmaceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals), personal care, and other FMCG], research institutions: public and private; educational institutions: educators and students; and others: ISM practitioners, knowledge holders, patentees and their legal representatives, and Government, among others. (PTI)