A good teacher can save society

Renu Kotwal
As a kid teachers were a mystery for me, I used to think they jump from the sky and land directly to assembly ground and then my class room and teach me the things which I never knew like how Zebra crossing is different from a real Zebra. It used to astonish me that my teacher knows each and everything. Let me rewind my history first, I was a wild and poor student it took my father two months to teach me how to write eight, he scolded me so much because my brother learned to write eight in few minutes. I failed the entrance to get admission in class first because I was wearing blue skirt and when the examiner asked me to name the colour of my skirt, I said loudly “Green” and everyone around laughed excluding me and my father. Somehow my father admitted me in class first and the journey of student life began. My class teacher’s name was “Asha” and she was just like her name. She called me a smart kid in front of my parents and that was such a proud moment for me and my father smiled at me for the first time. She used to daily ask me the colour of clothes she was wearing and play a game called “colour colour” so that I could distinguish between blue and green. I started working hard in order to get a toffee from her. I always used to ask my teacher where does she live and she used to just laugh. In class fourth I discovered that teachers are too human beings and they have homes and family too but still my teachers remained special creatures for me. One day I had a fight in class with a fellow student and I along with my friends started teasing him with the word “Donkey”, my teacher entered the room and hugged that student and said “you’re unique my child, everyone is” and she politely made us understand the importance of having humility in our behaviour. She taught us million things in a polite manner like singing together the song “We shall overcome”, “Sare Jaha Se Accha”, celebrating Christmas with Christian students and Eid with Muslim students. She made us believe that the religion Humanisim is above all. On Diwali we surprised our teacher by lightning hundred of candles in the class room, when she entered the class room we wished her she smiled and called the sweeper and blowed all the candles and handovered all the candles to the sweeper.
When we asked her why she ruined our candle arrangements she said “Mini lives in a house where there is no electricity, she need those candles more ” that day we learned an important lesson to help the needy. I entered the secondary wing and my teacher blessed me and said “I’m always there my child”. My father who feared my failures was amazed on seeing the transformation in me. Along with eight I could write every possible word all because of my teacher. For a teacher it is really important to understand his student. Every kid is a blessing, a good teacher can produce a genius from a failure. Sonam Wangchuck is a live example of excellent teaching. He teaches students who have failed in their exams, failure is an important criteria to get admission in his school. In his school the biggest punishment for the students is holidays. My teacher was someone like Aamir Khan in “Taare Zameen Per” or Rani Mukherji in “Hichki”. Every kid is a genius provided he gets a Good teacher.
If a kid will not get an understanding teacher it will be difficult for him to excel. In the movie “Taaree Zameen Per” the teacher sings, dances, laughs and paints with his student to make him comfortable in the school environment. A teacher should respect and understand the uniqueness of his student. Only good teachers can save this world.
(The author is a student of Mass Communication & Journalism, Central University Jammu)