Go back to Vedas

At a time, when the whole globe is facing problems ranging from Climate Change to terrorism, it’s imperative upon our part to look for their possible redressals, though in sustainable manner. We can’t be drowsing off within our own dogmatic spheres of comfort. The sheer onslaught that this “modernity” has had unleashed opened floodgates for relentless problems to creep into, with intensities uncontrollable. Hence, it’s important to cling onto certain facets of philosophy or ideas which guide our way towards a progressive path, and they undoubtedly are the Vedas.
Vedas are the highest manifestation of our divinity, with an altogether secular outlook. Though composed and complied millenniums ago, they have the potential to deal with the modern scourge. They have material evidence of the rich philosophical outlook of our ancestors whereby they dealt with almost every sphere of natural reality. They deal with metaphysics, Chemistry, Ayurveda, Ethics, Mathematics, Sorcery etc. Upanishads or Vedanta, the last part of Vedas are the ultimate solace for a person wanting to delve into the philosophies of entire universe. In general, Vedas are a rulebook, rather a guide to transform the journey of a human to a ‘(wo)man’.
It can be stated that problems, social, economic or environmental, have their solutions lying somewhere in these four Vedas. They are indeed a great source of knowledge and information but seldom read by anyone. I am reminded of a quote of Swami Dayanand Saraswati where he said “Go back to Vedas” a century ago, and today its relevance has increased manifolds.
Ansh Chowdhari
Roop Nagar Jammu