Garib Kalyan Sammalen in the UT

At the UT level amidst known constraints of certain nature, the event was held in Srinagar in which the Lieutenant Governor inaugurated 100 Amrit Sarovar Sites and Greh Pravesh for 27000 PMAY beneficiaries , of course, not an ordinary development . People centric policies must not only be implemented wholeheartedly but due transparency and ensuring equitable dispersal of benefits there-under being utilised by the people need to be fully ensured and the process especially in the context of Jammu and Kashmir shall, as such, result in furthering the process of people getting connected to the mainstream of development, social equality , progress and social justice for all.
Good governance must not only be talked about but must be felt on the ground too by the people and must empower the last person standing in the queue hitherto having remained disadvantaged or neglected. The fruits of development and benefits of the flagship schemes sponsored by the central Government must be tasted by rural and urban areas on equitable basis especially in the context of rural healthcare, education, power and drinking water. “Seven decades of deprival of the development ” of Jammu and Kashmir as the Lt. Governor put it, must now get transformed into overall growth and progress in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir now that there are no constitutional barriers since late 2019.