Funds withdrawn repeatedly against executed works: ACB

Govt issues guidelines to curb malpractice
Admn Secys asked to put mechanism in place

Sanjeev Pargal

JAMMU, June 14: With the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) pointing out release of funds repeatedly against already restored developmental works which are in good condition, the Government today came out with series of guidelines to prevent blatant misuse of the State funds and directed the Administrative Secretaries to put in place a proper mechanism to ensure compliance of the fresh directives
Official sources told the Excelsior that the Anti-Corruption Bureau has pointed out receipt of complaints regarding embezzlement of funds in various Government departments through release of money against already restored works which are in good conditions.
“The same works were being shown executed repeatedly and funds withdrawn by the Government Departments, which were misappropriated by the officers/officials,” sources pointed out, adding this practice was prevalent in number of Departments and has been unearthed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
The Bureau sent a detailed communication to the Government pointing out the scam by some of the Departments, which were drawing funds for already executed works repeatedly.
After going through the Anti-Corruption Bureau communication, the Government has devised a mechanism and drafted set of guidelines for the Government Departments to prevent repeated withdrawal of funds for already executed works.
“A number of restoration works are undertaken by the Government agencies every year. In order to ensure that same works are not shown to have been executed repeatedly, it is imperative that location of all works are fully described through GPS coordinates,” one of the guidelines of the Government said.
Another guideline said the Government Departments would be required to photograph all works before and after execution. The photographs will have to be mandatorily produced before the payment. Further, no work should be taken up without the Administrative approval.
“The Departments should accord Administrative Approval only after satisfying that same work hasn’t been taken up for execution in earlier years or by other agencies,” the Government order said, adding that withdrawal of bills against any non-existent works/renovation needs to be stopped forthwith.
After completion of works, the Government Departments would take photographic records of all completed works with GPS coordinates and engineering certificate of completion by concerned Executive Engineer or appropriate level.
The Government has ordered that Planning, Development and Monitoring Department will develop a Map recording all works on a GIS System by July 15.
The Government has also directed all Administrative Secretaries to put in place a proper mechanism to ensure compliance to the instructions issued today to prevent the Government officers/officials indulging in repeated withdrawal of funds for already executed works.