Fuel prices raised; petrol costs Rs 70.53 a litre in Delhi

NEW DELHI, Dec 17: Fuel prices registered a hike of 19-20 paise a litre on Monday.
In Delhi, petrol retailed at Rs 70.53 a litre ? the third hike in five days.
In Mumbai petrol costs Rs 76.15 a litre, in Kolkata it is retailing at Rs 72.62 a litre, in Chennai petrol costs Rs 73.19 and in Bengaluru Rs 71.10 per litre.
Similarly, diesel prices went up by 9-10 paise. In Delhi, diesel retailed at Rs 64.47 a litre, in Kolkata Rs 66.23, in Mumbai Rs 67.47, in Chennai Rs 68.07 and in Bengaluru Rs 64.82. (UNI)