For strong nation

Notwithstanding opposition Maha Gathbandan’s point of view the present Govt’s blue print depicts the progress achieved in various fields during the last five years rule. The major decisions that were taken have benefitted the people living below poverty line by and large. The tirade against black-money and corruption have remained the intrenstic demand from times past. The present dispensation stands committed and is fighting the menace with tooth and nail. The economy of the country is growing and the prices of the essential goods have remained stable.
One nation and one flag perception endorses the vision of nationalism and the nation first that was conceived long back by the great patriotic leaders in their freedom struggle. Today we witness how many internal and external forces try day in day out to weaken the country that will be catastrophe for the country. In the present dimension our country cannot afford a weak leader for the governance of such a big country where diversity of caste creed and colour people exist. The Parliament elections are nearing and people have to use their fundamental right in casting their vote. For strong India the need of the hour is to vote for strong leader with strong will for the unity and integrity of the country.
S N Raina