Fire Safety audits

Looking to how heart rending fire incidents across the country frequently result in the loss of precious human lives as a result of getting trapped in a raging fire, the latest incident of a devastating fire in a building in Delhi’s Mundka where 27 people were roasted alive and scores sustaining serious burn and limb injuries remind of how much important is it to have fire safety measures and steps undertaken to prevent any mishap that could result in a blaze. To know the preparedness of and to doubly ensure that fire safety precautions and measures were in place in a building, office, public place etc , it is absolutely necessary to have periodic fire audits conducted. It is , therefore, quite in the fitness of things that the UT Government has decided to conduct fire safety audits of all the Government buildings across Jammu and Kashmir.
What we feel is that not only Government buildings and establishments but all banquet halls , public places, malls, shopping complexes, hotels and restaurants and even passenger vehicles must be subjected to frequent surprise fire safety audits and certificates of recent audit conducted must be prominently displayed in and by the owners of such establishments . Building permission for hotels, offices and commercial buildings must incorporate fire safety clauses to be scrupulously followed as one of the top terms and conditions. Fire audit reports pinpointing shortcomings must be attended to on top priority.