Expedite implementation of PMDP components for DPs of PoJK, Chhamb, Kashmir: Parl Panel

Thrust laid on continuation of UDAAN scheme till 2020

Expresses dissatisfaction over replies furnished by MHA

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, Feb 15: Department Related Parliament Standing Committee has asked the Union Ministry of Home Affairs to expedite implementation of Prime Minister’s Development Package-2015 components for displaced families from Pakistan-occupied-Jammu and Kashmir, Chhamb and Kashmir valley so that they are able to reap the benefits in a time bound manner.
In its 217th report tabled in the Parliament recently, the Department Related Parliament Standing Committee headed by P Chidambaram has expressed dissatisfaction over the replies furnished by the Ministry of Home Affairs on its recommendations/observations contained in the 209th report on Demands for Grants 2018-19.
In its 209th report, the Parliamentary Panel had expressed dissatisfaction over the pace of disbursement of financial assistance to the displaced persons of Pakistan-occupied-Jammu and Kashmir and Chhamb and had strongly recommended that the Government must undertake all out efforts for the disbursal of financial assistance to the remaining 27,517 displaced families expeditiously to ensure the completion of disbursement process during 2018-19 financial year itself.
Though the Ministry of Home Affairs has submitted that an amount of Rs 578.39 crore has been disbursed to 12051 displaced families and no proposal for financial assistance from the State Government is pending with the Ministry as on date yet the Parliamentary Panel is not convinced as to how the Ministry plans to utilize the remaining Rs 1421.61 crore out of Rs 2000 crore package.
“The Ministry should provide a detailed plan of action for implementation of PMDP along with a timeline for implementation of various components and utilization of funds”, the Parliamentary Panel has mentioned in the latest report. It has also desired to know the number of families that have received full amount as was promised under the package.
It is pertinent to mention here that under the PMDP-2015 an amount of Rs 2000 crore was allocated for providing cash assistance to 36384 displaced families from PoJK and Chhamb Niabat areas.
As far as relief and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants is concerned, the Parliamentary Panel in its 209th report had recommended that suitable steps must be taken to ensure that recruitment process for 3000 Government jobs is fast-tracked and the appointment letters issued to the selected candidates during 2018-19 financial year itself.
In response to this recommendation, the Ministry of Home Affairs has conveyed to the Parliamentary Panel that J&K Government has recently been requested to accelerate the process and apprise the Ministry regarding the latest position of the recruitment process undertaken so far.
Not convinced with the reply of the Ministry, the Parliamentary Panel has sought latest status of recruitment process under the Prime Minister’s Development Package.
It is worthwhile to mention here that an amount of Rs 1020 crore has been earmarked in the PMDP for providing 3000 additional State Government jobs to the Kashmiri migrants.
About Special Industry Initiative for J&K, which is also known as UDAAN scheme aimed at providing skills to graduates, post-graduates, professional degree holders and three year engineering diploma holders, the Parliamentary Panel in its 209th report had recommended that the implementation of this scheme may be continued beyond December 2018 till 2020.
However, Ministry of Home Affairs in response to this recommendation has simply conveyed that recommendation has been noted for consideration and compliance. Now, the Parliamentary Panel has asked the MHA to give specific information as to whether the UDAAN scheme has been formally granted extension till 2020.
“By providing training and employment to the youth of J&K, the Government can help them immensely in their capacity development. This will also enable the corporate sector to tap the potential of the youth of J&K”, the Parliamentary Panel said.
The UDAAN Scheme is aimed at providing skill and enhancing the employability of 40,000 youth over a period of five years in key high growth sectors. The Scheme is being implemented by the National Skill Development Council (NSDC) and the corporate sector in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.
The scheme not only provides skill enhancement and job opportunity but also connects bright youth from the J&K with the vibrant corporate sector of India.