Expedite compassionate appointments

Cases falling under compassionate grounds, otherwise, need sympathy and quick disposal of issues connected thereto but how can official apathy be so manifest in respect of taking casually those cases which deal with seeking appointments in Government departments is astonishing. Should the eligible unfortunate ones continue to wait what could be termed as “in the hell of anxiety and uncertainty”?
In Government of India Undertakings, there is usually an agreement between employees’ representatives and the management to employ the next of kin of that employee who dies in harness. There are rules in the UT also and even SRO 43 relates to that arrangement . Not only that , directions to expedite such cases issued by the Chief Secretary himself and repeated in the meetings too attended by the Committee of Secretaries , are there but the proverbial hearing from the left ear and ”throwing out” from the right, appears to be the response to such directives and the deliberations of various meetings. It would not be an exaggeration to believe that perhaps the said authorities might be waiting for the courts’ interventions and monitoring as most of the cases administratively move in Jammu and Kashmir only when courts intervene as a result of a PIL or through some other available legal remedy . We hope the issue would be sorted out shortly.