Ex-MLA demands permission to local vendors for opening food stalls

Excelsior Correspondent

RAMBAN, Sept 21: Ashok Kumar, former Legislature from Ramban has strongly protested against the District Administration Ramban for repeatedly denying permission to the local vendors for opening of small food stalls at the bus stand as they are on the verge of starving.
He strongly appealed to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to immediately provide financial assistance (economic package) to vendors and other small menial business holders or daily basis earners as these people are facing financial crisis due to protract lock down under Covid-19 pandemic and their families are at the verge of starvation due to blockage of economic activities from the last six months.
Ashok said that vendors have to pay electric and water bill, children school admission fee and food items for their family survival. “However, due to prolonged lock down these people of my constituency have become income less and there is no source of income other than small food stalls at bus stand Ramban,” he said and stressed that their genuine share from economic packages should be given to the vendors and small daily basis earners so that their families could survive in these uncertain times. It is the responsibility of respective Government to provide them financial help as they have fundamental right to service, he added.
Ashok further said that the Government of Jammu and Kashmir needs to take appropriate measures for provision of drinking water and soap/sanitizers for all street vendors at their places of work. “Vendor association especially, cooked food vendors should also work with food safety authorities in our district and erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir to train vendors (cooked food vendors) the various ways and new measures to maintain hygiene while working in the cities and towns. They all should be also taught and trained regarding maintaining of Covid-19 protocol while working in cities and towns,” he added.
Ashok strongly demanded to LT Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to direct DDC Ramban to provide permission to vendors who are running small food stalls at bus stand Ramban as per the new guidelines under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India so that economic growth of the district can be revived besides reducing the difficulties faced by poor commoners and others.