Eradication of corruption

Wrong doing for money is called corruption or disobedience of Law and non-adhering to the principles of morality leads to this evil. Corruption emanates when persons in power are morally degenerated. It is an attitude of one’s life to accumulate unlimited wealth even through unfair means. It is done by those, who actually need it least. Those who claim to be much civilised are more involved in it. Undeniably, exceptions do exist, but the number being insignificant the evil prevails unabatedly. Morality, more or less seems to have vanished in the present scenario, and therefore, only enforcement of strict law and order, is the only remedy for it. Simplification and streamlining of the administration can only adequately reduce its graph. Strong intelligence mechanism if made operative to unearth such cases where money is demanded and taken, deterrence can be created especially where such practices continue unhesitatingly. When one has to move empty handed, what justifies making heaps of wealth. Kith and kins for whom all this non-sense is done, save not when death knocks at the door. It is only power which makes one corrupt. All endeavours to root it out can’t be overemphasised.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sundr Bani)