Celebrating Basohli’s rich cultural heritage

Refer to the article titled “Basohli getting due recognition” published in this paper on October 26, 2023. It is heartening to see Basohli’s unique cultural and artistic heritage finally receiving the recognition it truly deserves.
The recent initiatives undertaken by the J&K administration in collaboration with IGNCA to showcase the extraordinary craftsmanship of Basohli’s artists and weavers are commendable. The granting of GI tags to Basohli paintings and Basohli Pashmina is a significant milestone, ensuring these invaluable creations receive the recognition and preservation they merit.
It is evident that Basohli is a treasure trove of artistic brilliance, and the article rightly highlights its unique contribution to Pahari art and craftsmanship. The revitalization of this region’s cultural heritage and the development of local art, traditions, and craftsmanship are essential for promoting Basohli as a coveted tourist destination.
I applaud these efforts and look forward to witnessing Basohli’s cultural richness gaining global acclaim and contributing to the region’s economic development. Let’s continue to support and celebrate the unique identity of Basohli.
Amit Rasgotra